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At Silver Eagle Beverages, what we do isn’t just our job. It’s our mission. Our focus is on providing you with the finest beverages and the most responsive customer service possible. Our dedication to excellence is what made us the third-largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in America and one of the nation’s largest independent distributors. We take pride in those achievements, but we aren’t getting complacent. Silver Eagle Beverages earned the privilege of being the Modelo distributor in Uvalde, TX, because we always keep working hard to earn your confidence and trust. That’s why we have 3,800 accounts and over 9,000 businesses in greater Houston partnering with us. It’s also the reason we’re the Uvalde, TX Corona Beer distributor.

Why Silver Eagle Beverages is the Modelo Supplier in Uvalde County

Silver Eagle Beverages has products to suit nearly every taste and preference. We carry a full line of beverages including domestic and imported beer, cider, water, fitness drinks and seltzer. In addition to our great selection:

  • We genuinely care about the people we serve. For example, Silver Eagle Beverages teamed up with Anheuser-Busch to supply drinking water to residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.
  • We’re the Modelo distributor in Uvalde, TX, because we try to protect the environment. To date, we converted three-quarters of our fleet to clean diesel technology. Due to that and other steps we took, Silver Eagle Beverages has reduced nitrogen oxide emissions in Houston by approximately 51 tons.
  • As the Uvalde County Corona Beer supplier, we recognize our responsibility to keep our employees and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We frequently disinfect our trucks, advise our workers to wash their hands often and give them gloves and masks.
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